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Our diverse collection of hair finishing products can help you achieve whatever look you’re after. We offer a variety of hair styling sprays, from a flake-free hairspray for flexible hold and humidity protection (Sublime Hold) to a dry volume, powder spray (Texture Dust) for hair that could use a little boost between cleansings. Looking more specifically for hair sculpting products? We also pack our Signature Tea Complex into nourishing hair sculpting creams like our Style Souffle hair product to tame frizz in damp or dry hair, or the best hair mousse for texture (Royal Abundance Mousse) to lock in luminous, weightless volume. Even if you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for but know you need some kind of hair finishing spray or hair finishing cream, we’ve got you covered with sure-to-shine, toxin-free products you can count on.

Hair Finishing Products

Style Soufflé

$32.00 USD

Description Our Style Souffle is an anti-frizz cream for all hair types so you can show off a sauve, sleek and gorgeously smooth look. This nourishing style cream is full...

Sublime Hold Hairspray

From $12.00 USD

Description If you’re looking for the best hold hairspray, you’ve come to the right place. Our Signature Tea Complex gives your hair a flake free hold that will last all...

Royal Abundance Mousse

From $12.00 USD

Description Your dreams of having voluminous, weightless, and shiny hair can become a reality with this volumizing mousse for all types of hair, especially if it’s fine. Our Royal Abundance...

Imperial Hold Hairspray

From $12.00 USD

Description Tame your curls while maintaining moisture and shine with the best hairspray for curly hair. Our Imperial Hold Hairspray keeps your favorite styles locked into place with a firm...

Texture Dust

$24.00 USD

(Dry Texturizing Hair Powder Spray) Description Pai Shau’s Texture Dust  is a non aerosol multipurpose dry powder spray that adds instant volume to all hair types and refreshes between shampoos...

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