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        Customer Reviews

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        Sherilyn McCollum
        Holy Grail!

        OMG, I have loved Pai-Shau for a few years now and use most of the products (Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioner, Something to Be-Leave In, Style Souffle, Biphasic Infusion, Sublime Hold Hairspray, Supreme Revitalizing Mask, Molded, RoyalTEA, and Creme de Whipped). All of these products are fabulous, but I just recently picked up the Royal Abundance Mousse. I cut my hair into a mid-neck A-line bob last year and I have been struggling to find products to give it a little body and volume without making it super puffy or crunchy. This did exactly what I wanted: made my bob look a little fuller (I have fairly fine blonde hair) without making it a crunchy mess or having me look like something out of the 80s. I love it! The entire line is just incredible and my hair is so healthy with all of these products! Thank you!

        Volumizing and makes my hair feel soft

        What magic is this!? my fine, thin hair feels fuller, but it also feels soft, I can actually run my hands through my hair! And the fullness lasts (ie i have full-looking day 2 hair which was previously “unthinkable” . Excellent product!

        Marsha Whitty
        Royal Abundance Mousse

        My daughter recommended Royal Abundance Mousse and Opulent Volume Spray to me, and I have been very happy with the results. Now I am looking for a new conditioner, and I'll bet your product will be amazing!

        Janice Rau
        Pai-Shau hair products

        I have been using Pai-Shau CLEANSING SHAMPOO And PAI-Shau conditioner for several years. It smells amazing but even more important my hair is very soft and shiny, I love the cleansing quality to remove hair products


        One of the best volume mouse ever


        This is the styling mousse I have looked for all my life

        Jennifer S
        Multiple repeat buyer - happy once again!

        I've bought both the replenishing and cleansing shampoos and conditioners, plus the supreme revitalizing mask, multiple times over the years. I've also bought and love style soufflé.

        I needed to stock up the shampoo, conditioner, and mask again....but also bought thr leave-in conditioner, mouse and hairspray this time. The hairspray is so light and soft! The leave-in conditioner is fantastic for when I straighten my hair. The mouse does a great job when I curl my hair and still keeps my hair bouncy and soft. Not to mention, all of the products have a subtle, amazing smell to them.

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