Tips & Tricks to Dye or Color Your Hair at Home

How to dye hair at home

You’ve got some gray hair peeking through and you need a root touch up. Maybe you want to change from semi-permanent to permanent hair dye. While we love and support our Salon CommuniTEA, trained professionals might find it easier to save time and money by coloring their hair in the comfort of their own home. The most important thing is to know exactly what color you need you to buy to achieve your desired look. 

The below tips and tricks will make sure the process (pun intended!) is smooth sailing. Hit up your local beauty supply store, follow the below tips and tricks, and get salon-worthy results. 

Tools you need:

    • Tint Brush: From 1.5 - 2” wide, these specialty brushes are used for the application of the color. 
    • Small Bowl: Where else will you do your mixing?
    • Combs:  We recommend using a wide tooth comb for an even application and a rat tail ended comb to section out your hair
    • Hair Clips: You’ll use these to secure the sections. 
    • Towels: Use older towels because chances are they’ll get stained.
    • Cape:  Because you’re a superhero who’s dyeing their own hair … but also because you want to protect your clothes.
    • Phone: Use an app on your phone for processing time.
    • Gloves: Get those hands nice and comfortable to make sure you have a flawless application. 
    • Vaseline:  Avoid getting hair dye markings along the edge of the hairline with this hack. Apply Vaseline along the edges so you can easily wipe off with a tissue later. 

Detanglar CombHair Dye Brushhair Clippers


Don’t Make a Drastic Change

When coloring or dyeing your hair at home, you want to find a color that is close to the color you already have. If you choose a color that’s more than two-three shades darker than that, your hair could end up looking uneven. Since a base is required for lightening hair, you might end up with a blotchy color by going too dark. If you want a drastic change, we recommend consulting with a professional salon stylist, so that you don’t damage or ruin your hair. 

How to color hair at home

Choose Your Color Wisely

If you don’t already know your exact color, then take your time with choosing one wisely. Most likely, it’s not going to look exactly like the model on the box. It is best to choose a hue that is based on your skin tone. For brunettes, warm shades compliment an olive/dark completion the best, so go for a caramel or chestnut. If you have a cool skin tone, try to avoid red/gold tones. Blondes with cool tones tend to look amazing with platinum colors, whereas blondes with a lighter complexion can go for something more beige/gold. SUPER IMPORTANT: Box dyes usually turn your hair lighter than anticipated because the developer in the kits are stronger than the ones that professionals use at salons. So, go lighter for semi-permanent color and a little darker for permanent color.

Hair color chart

Do a Strand Test

A strand test is important because you want to make sure you are getting the results that you want. Use a strand of hair that is hidden just in case you don’t want to commit to your whole head. By doing a strand test you will find out if this is the color you are looking for. You will also be able to know exactly how long your color needs to be processed for. 

Hair strand test

Ask a Friend for Assistance

Dyeing your hair at home doesn’t have to be intimidating. Once you have all your tools, call up a friend or loved one to help you out. They can hold tools for a faster process, help with application, and wash out your hair. It’s always good to have a second opinion as well!

Coloring my hair at home

Sectioning Out Your Hair

Using a rat tail comb, start sectioning out the hair into 4 parts: down the middle, and ear to ear across the crown of the head. Doing this will result in an even application and avoid patchiness. Start by applying the color to the back of the head first because it is naturally darker than the front and you don’t want that color to sit longer.  

Easy hair color at home

Use a Hair Mask When You Are Finished

Conditioning your hair post-color is essential because your scalp and hair is craving moisture. Our Supreme Revitalizing Mask, an Moisturizing Mask for Hair  nourishes the cuticle, restores your hair’s natural sheen, adds volume and softness and most importantly, HYDRATES. We recommend taking care of your locks with our color-safe Replenishing Hair Cleanser and following with the mask once a week.


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