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        Haircare Blog — vegan hair products

        Why Choose Vegan and Cruelty Free Hair Products?

        Cruelty Free Beauty Products

        .Cruelty Free Beauty Products

        What it means to use vegan and cruelty free hair products?  Pai-Shau is the top best vegan and cruelty free hair brands that has perfect hair products.

        Why Vegan and Cruelty Free Hair Products?

        When you hear the word “vegan,” your mind probably heads straight to food. You probably imagine dairy-free pizza, tofu salads, and soy milk. While many people can certainly benefit from a vegan diet, making use of vegan beauty products and cruelty free hair products is just as important. Our skin is the largest organ of our body, and that’s inclusive of the scalp. What we’re putting on our head and skin gets absorbed into our bodies. For health reasons, along with animal-friendly principles, many beauty brands make a conscious effort to create vegan and cruelty free hair products. At Pai-Shau, we are proud to be a 100% vegan, cruelty-free company.

        Cruelty Free Shampoo  Cruelty Free Conditioner
        Vegan Shampoo Vegan Conditioner  


        There are two fundamental principles when it comes to classifying a product is vegan and cruelty free.

        No Animal Testing

        There are animals, such as bunnies, dogs, monkeys and rats, that are bred solely for the use of testing some of the world’s most popular beauty and hair care products. Many people aren’t aware of the terrible treatment these animals suffer through, just so that humans can lather on shampoo and apply mascara. These innocent animals live their entire lives in cages and are forced to undergo cruel testing and experiments. They spend their days being force-fed different cosmetic ingredients to make sure that particular beauty product doesn’t cause any serious damage if a human were to swallow it. Their fur is often shaved off so that harsh chemicals can be applied to their skin, in order to check if the ingredients could be harmful to human skin. Other gruesome practices are performed on test animals that would make even non-vegans cringe.

         At Pai-Shau, we believe that no animal should ever have to suffer through cosmetic testing. That’s why all of our products, such as Texture Hair Dust and Supreme Revitalizing Mask (Hair Moisturizing Mask) are non-animal tested and 100% cruelty free hair products. Achieving gorgeous, healthy hair should never come at the expense of  causing any harm to our furry friends.

        Cruelty Free Hair Products

        No Animal Byproducts

         A cosmetic product is considered vegan if it has no animal byproducts. There are plenty of hair care products containing animal-related ingredients. Lanolin, which comes from the oil found on top of a sheep’s wool, is often added to conditioners to help soften and hydrate. Keratin, derived from animal hooves, horns, and scales, is another common ingredient in hair care products.

         There are many natural ingredients that can moisturize and strengthen your hair without harming animals in the process. All of Pai-Shau’s products contain 100% vegan and cruelty-free ingredients. Our Signature Tea Complex, a blend of five steeped teas, along with antioxidants and naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, infuses the hair with long lasting moisture. Our Opulent Volume Ritual Collection has an added Volumizing  Botanical Complex to promote hair growth in our fan-favorite cruelty free hair products such as shampoo, the Opulent Volume Hair Cleanser (Volume Hair Shampoo).

         Pai-Shau does an incredible job of maintaining strong , healthy hair thanks to its Signature Tea Complex and vegan ingredients. Our one of a kind formula keeps your hair shining all day long without the guilt!