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        Haircare Blog — dull hair solution

        4 Products To Try For Fine And Dull Hair

        4 Products To Try For Fine And Dull Hair

        4 Products To Try For Fine And Dull Hair

        Even if you’re not #blessed with naturally voluminous hair, the right products will help you achieve show-stopping blowouts. Full, shiny, and healthy hair is attainable with Pai-Shau’s volume hair care products. These four tips will help eliminate dullness and bring on the volume.

        1. Use the right shampoo and conditioner

        Replenishing Hair Cleanser

        Beautiful, voluminous hair starts with the right shampoo and conditioner. Try to avoid cleansers that include sulfates and parabens, which can dry out the cuticle and eventually lead to thinner-looking strands. Instead, choose products that promote hair growth and fullness with the help of tea-derived ingredients. Working in tandem with our Signature Tea Complex, the Opulent Volume Hair Cleanser Shampoo uses ginseng and white nettle to remove buildup at the roots for a fabulous blown-out look, while our Opulent Volume Hair Conditioner offers weightless volume thanks to our incredible silicone-free moisturizing formula. Our Opulent Volume Liter Duo is the perfect accessory for your shower.

        2. Moisturization is key

        Achieving a voluminous look can be difficult when you also struggle with dry, damaged strands. This can be the result of chemical treatments or heat damage, and thirsty strands make for dull hair. When working on increasing volume in your hair, start with a healthy foundation. Be sure to replenish dehydrated hair and heal damaged locks with an ultra moisturizing hair mask like Pai-Shau’s Supreme Revitalizing Mask. Attributable to a rare blend of high-performance cationic polymers, this dreamy treatment infuses your cuticle with intense hydration leaving your hair shiny, soft, and bouncy with weightless volume. You’ll see your hair *actually* drink this up!.

        3. Choose a lightweight hairspray

        You may be surprised to learn that the hairspray you rely on for volume might actually be making your flat hair problem even worse than before. Some hairsprays are heavy on our delicate strands, weighing them down with synthetic ingredients that make hair appear greasy and flat. No need to ditch hairspray for good, though. The right product will provide serious hold without tagging on extra weight. With the help of our Signature Tea Complex, Pai-Shau’s Imperial Hold Hairspray gives you a long lasting hold that protects against humidity and other environmental factors. Sublime Hold Hairspray offers more of a medium hold for that easy, breezy and lightweight feeling.

        4. Try a volume spray

        Don’t settle when it comes to hair volumizing spray. Look for styling products free from silicones which can actually reduce volume by weighing down the hair shaft. Instead, keep an eye out for sprays that lift your hair from its root for long lasting body, like Pai-Shau’s Opulent Volume Hair Spray. This lightweight, non-sticky formula adds dramatic lift to fine hair while incorporating our Signature Tea Complex to keep your locks looking soft, shiny and healthy. By applying a light mist to clean, towel-dried hair, you can achieve beautiful body. We’re also fans of our Texture Dust, which is a non-aerosol powder that lifts hair right at the root to amplify volume.