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        How to Get Beautiful Hair: 5 Steps to Follow for Long Beautiful Hair

        How to Get Beautiful Hair: 5 Steps to Follow for Long Beautiful Hair

        Beautiful long hair starts with a regular beauty routine. Long hair is healthy hair, and healthy hair requires thoughtful care and maintenance. Today we’ll look at 5 steps to creating long, beautiful hair that’s as healthy as it is gorgeous. 

        5 Tips for Natural Hair Growth and Beautiful Long Hair

        1. Use the right hair care products. Different types of hair require different types of treatments and cleansers. To keep your hair at its healthiest, use products designed for your specific hair type and needs. For example, those with fine hair should seek volumizing products like Pai-Shau’s Volume Ritual, which includes Opulent Volume Cleanser, Opulent Volume Conditioner, and Opulent Volume Spray. Beyond volumizing and other type-specific products, Pai-Shau’s products also feature our Signature Tea Blend, which contains powerful teas with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that nourish hair and help repair damage—a key step to promoting growth and long hair. 

        2. Commit to regular trimming. You may have heard trimming your hair will promote hair growth. That’s not exactly what’s happening, but cutting your hair regularly can promote healthy looking, longer-looking hair. Trimming your hair won’t actually affect the hair follicle—and therefore, also doesn’t affect growth from the scalp—however, trimming split ends does reduce hair breakage, which can make hair look thin and unhealthy and less vibrant. A small trim every 8 to 12 weeks will promote healthier ends and more beautiful hair. 

        3. Pay attention to your diet. Our genes determine our hair texture and whether it is curly or straight, but our diets are also a big factor in how our genes express those qualities in our hair. So-called “good” fats like omega-3s, high quality oils, avocados and nuts have key nutrients that can all contribute to healthy hair and steady growth. 

        4. Pump up the volume. While you’re still growing your hair, adding volume to your roots will create a look that is thicker and appears healthier. Look for something lightweight that will lift your roots without weighing it down or leaving a greasy residue. Pai-Shau’s Opulent Volume Spray gives you a beautiful volumized head of hair with none of the residue. 

        5. Limit damage. When hair is damaged, it looks dull, frayed and lifeless—wholly unhealthy. Unfortunately heat and pollutants accelerate this type of damage, which is why it’s best to limit exposure to heating products as much as possible. Good news is that hair grows from the scalp, and if you limit damage and treat it, your hair will continue to grow long and healthy. Our hydrating leave-in conditioner Something To Beleave-In serves as a heat and pollutant protectant while also smoothing and creating beautiful shine. 

        Long beautiful hair and healthy hair growth starts with a solid beauty routine and a thoughtful approach to care. For more products designed to promote healthy hair and scalp, visit the Pai-Shau Shop


        Pai-Shau’s Best Haircare Products to Use During the Winter

        Winter Hair Care

        Winter Haircare Products

        Our strands need a little extra TLC during the winter months. The frigid temperatures and harsh winds can leave your hair and scalp more susceptible to dehydration and damage. Pai-Shau’s nurturing tea-infused hair products are the perfect way to remedy this.

        Pai-shau's Winter Hair Care Products

        1. Supreme Revitalizing Mask

        Hydrating Hair Mask

        The frigid temperatures in the cold, winter months can open the hair shaft, making it difficult for moisture to stay in the cuticle. The result is frizzy, dry hair. Deep conditioning your strands at least once a week can make a huge difference. Our Supreme Revitalizing Mask is the best way to keep your hair hydrated and free from the damaging effects of cold weather. Enriched with a highly concentrated amount of our Signature Tea Complex, this nourishing conditioner will leave you looking fabulous throughout the season.

        2. Something to BeLeave-In

        Hydration Set

        Dryness and dullness in our hair is an extremely common occurrence during the cold winter months. While it's blistering cold outside, we often try to compensate by cranking up the heating systems inside our homes or workplaces. Unfortunately, this isn’t any better for your hair than the cold temperature. Artificial heating can leave your hair frizzy and staticy. Using Something To BeLeave-In on a consistent basis helps offer lasting hydration and immaculate shine. It can be purchased on its own, or in a number of gift sets, like the Ul-Tea-Mate Hydration Gift Set. It offers long lasting hydration and immaculate shine.

        3. Opulent Volume Spray


        Volume Hair Spray

        When the cold weather hits, you might actually find yourself missing the humidity of the hot summer months. Winter’s harsh temperatures and central indoor heating can suck the life out of our hair and skin. To add immaculate volume and shine, try out Pai-Shau’s Opulent Volume Spray. No need to head to the salon in these freezing temperatures, since you can achieve a gorgeous blowout from the comfort of your own home with Pai-Shau’s ultra volumizing products.