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        Haircare Blog — postpartum hair loss

        4 Pai-Shau products to try for managing postpartum hair loss

        Postpartum Hair Loss

        Best Products for Postpartum Hair Loss

        If you’ve noticed an increased amount of hair loss after pregnancy, you’re not alone. Postpartum hair loss is an extremely common occurrence for women of all ages. At a sensitive time in your life, when you’re already dealing with so much as a new mom, losing your hair in clumps is certainly a bummer. 

        Hormones, specifically estrogen, is the main factor behind postpartum hair loss. During pregnancy, extra high levels of estrogen, coupled with increased blood flow and circulation, keeps your hair from shedding as it normally would. Once your baby arrives and hormone levels drop drastically, the hair makes up for lost time by falling out at a much more rapid rate. Hair that has been paused in their resting state during pregnancy suddenly starts to shed, which can result in visible hair loss and thinning.

        When does postpartum hair loss start

        Postpartum hair loss can occur up to a year after childbirth, with its peak being in the 4-month mark. So if you’re still losing clumps of hair as your baby grows up, no need to panic. Pai-Shau is here to help with our incredible line of products that help stimulate hair growth and keep your locks looking full and healthy. 
        Here are some of our favorites for women struggling with postpartum hair loss

        Best products for postpartum hair loss

        1.Opulent Volume Line

        If you’re experiencing postpartum hair loss, look to Pai-Shau’s Opulent Volume Hair Cleanser and Conditioner to bring bounce, body, and immaculate shine to fine and dull hair. Pai-Shau’s Opulent Volume products use a patented Microemulsion Technology and Volumizing Botanical Complex to promote thick, frizz-free locks.

        Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Postpartum Hair Loss

        2. Supreme Revitalizing Mask

        Full of antioxidant-rich green tea and anti-inflammatory rooibos, Pai-Shau’s Signature Tea Complex is super effective in promoting healthy hair growth. That’s why our Supreme Revitalizing Mask is perfect for moms with postpartum hair loss. It keeps the scalp healthy and nourished to encourage healthy hair growth. Bonus: it’s a 5-minute mask, which is perfect for a new mom who “doesn’t have time” for anything! 

        3. Royal Abundance Mousse

        Royal Abundance Mousse is every new mama’s best friend. It adds a subtle lift to the root of your strands, and makes all the difference when trying to cover up postpartum hair loss. This lightweight formula for the texturizing mousse also contains a high concentration of our Signature Tea Complex to promote hair growth.

        4. Soft Bristle Paddle Hair Brush

        The postpartum period can be incredibly difficult on new mommies. When you’re suddenly filled with the new responsibilities and challenges that come from having a baby, it’s crucial to be kind to yourself, and your hair. If you notice extra shedding during postpartum, avoid using harsh detangler and tugging at knots. Instead, work through tangles gently using our Soft Bristle Paddle Brush.
        Soft Bristle Paddle Hair Brush
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