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        Haircare Blog — Valentine's Day Hair

        Love is in the HAIR: Unveil Your Valentine's Day Glam with Pai-Shau

        Love is in the HAIR: Unveil Your Valentine's Day Glam with Pai-Shau

        Love is in the HAIR, and so is the anticipation for the perfect Valentine's Day look! If you're envisioning hair that turns heads and steals hearts, we've got the inside scoop. In this guide, we're spilling the secrets to achieving flawless Valentine's Day hair using our favorite styling must-haves: Opulent Volume Spray and Style Soufflé.

        Opulent Volume Spray - Elevate Your Volume Game

        Say goodbye to flat, lifeless locks and hello to Opulent Volume Spray – your ticket to hair that speaks volumes. With the beneficial goodness of ginseng, white nettle, gleditschia and our Signature Tea Complex, this spray is not just a styling game-changer; it's a whole hair revolution.

        How to Work Your Valentine’s Day Volume Magic:

        • Start with clean, dry hair: The canvas matters, and a fresh start ensures optimal results. Opulent Volume Spray works wonders, especially if your hair tends to be on the finer side.

        • Mist it like you mean it: Hold the Opulent Volume Spray at arm's length and let it rain generously all over your hair. Ensure an even mist for that full-coverage volume effect.

        • Roots need love too: For the drama seekers, focus on the root area and let Opulent Volume Spray do its magic.

        • Blow me away: For medium volume, grab a flat brush - for maximum volume consider using a round brush. Use your brush to pull up, away from the scalp while blow drying on medium heat. This will create glam-worthy lift at the root for a bold look you’ll love.

        • Style, baby, style: If you don’t want to wear your hair straight, add a fun style! Loose waves, a sleek pony, or glamorous curls – whatever your vibe, Opulent Volume Spray is the secret weapon for that lift and texture that screams confidence. Feel free to experiment until you find your Valentine's Day hair soulmate.

        With Opulent Volume Spray, your Valentine's Day hairstyle isn't just on point; it's the MANE event!

        Style Soufflé - Your Styling Soulmate

        Now that you've nailed the volume, it's time to tame and reign with Style Soufflé – your partner in crime for supreme control and manageability. Packed with antioxidants, this styling marvel retains moisture during the styling process, leaving your hair with soft volume and an impeccable memory.

        How to Slay with Style Soufflé:

        • Root to tip, honey: Take a dollop of Style Soufflé and apply from your root  to the tips of your hair.

        • Blow-dry or air-dry drama: Style Soufflé lets you decide your destiny – go for the blow dryer if you crave efficiency or let the air work its natural magic. Style however you like! Some of our fav looks? Slicked back pony, romantic tousled waves - using a waver or curling iron - or a messy updo while incorporating your favorite Valentine’s Day hair accessories.

        • Fight frizz + dull hair: A touch of Style Soufflé on dry hair is the secret to saying bye-bye to frizz. A small amount goes a long way in keeping your locks polished and sleek. Curly hair? Scrunch while applying to enhance your curl pattern! 

        With Style Soufflé in your arsenal, creating the perfect Valentine's Day look will be a breeze! 

        Why We LOVE Opulent Volume Spray + Style Soufflé
        These powerful stylers will elevate your Valentine's Day glam by adding a touch of luxury. Grab one (or both!)  to add a touch of enchantment to this special day. Whether you’re going out with your partner, friends or staying in for a relaxing romantic comedy binge, our haircare products will have you looking and feeling your best.