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        Haircare Blog — obtain silky hair

        How to Get Silky Hair (5 Tips for Silky Soft Hair)

        How to Get Silky Hair? | 5 Tips for Silky Soft Hair – Pai-Shau

        This blog highlights on how to get silky hair with pro tips. 

        When you see someone with super silky hair, it’s hard to look away. Healthy strands that reflect tons of light are simply a gorgeous sight to see. Unfortunately, some of us are stuck with frizzy, unmanageable hair locks that lack shine and look insanely unhealthy. Well, we’re spilling the tea on how to achieve the silky, soft and healthy hair you crave. Here are some helpful tips to get silky soft hair:

        How to Get Silky Hair (5 Tips for Silky Soft Hair)

        5 Tips For Silky Soft Hair

        This key tips can help you in achieving silky hair

        1. Stay Hydrated

        Shiny hair means healthy hair, and healthy hair means that it’s well hydrated and full of natural moisture. To keep your strands quenched, it’s important to follow a moisturizing hair care routine. However, it’s not just our hair that needs to stay hydrated. Drinking lots of water will help restore your locks with the moisture they need to stay soft and frizz-free. Our Hydration Gift Set contains everything you need to leave dry hair behind. This gift set also contains our exclusive ThirsTEA Tumbler, so no more excuses for forgetting to drink your daily two liters of water! 

        2. No More Knots

        Knots and tangles can truly affect the appearance of your hair. Hair that is tangle-free is more likely to produce gorgeous shine. Removing pesky tangles can be tough, especially if you have thick or curly hair. Hair loss and breakage can occur if detangling is done the wrong way. To gently remove knots without causing damage, pair our Something To BeLeave-In with our Gold Soft Bristle Paddle Brush, which detangles even the unruliest of strands!

        3. Hair Masks Are Key

        Hair Mask

        If you’re looking to achieve super soft hair, you need to reserve a few minutes out of the week to use a hair mask. Hair masks are highly potent, concentrated conditioning treatments that help restore natural shine back into your strands. Pai-Shau’s Supreme Revitalizing Mask (Hair Moisturizing Mask) is perfect for just that. It’s weightless moisture formula infuses the strands with nourishing vitamins and minerals and our Signature Tea Complex, a blend of five steeped teas that work on the hair and scalp.

        4. Use The Right Hairspray

        Sublime Hold Hair SprayImperial Hold Hair SprayThe hairspray you use plays a major role in the silkiness of your strands, too. Some hair sprays can give a rough, dull appearance to your ‘do, while others can add a beautiful, natural looking shine ..Try our Sublime Hold Hairspray (Flexible Hold Hair Spray) and Imperial Hold Hairspray (Firm Hold Hair Spray). Our Signature Tea Complex helps keep hair smooth, shiny, and fights frizz in the process.

        5. Smoothing Hair Serums 

        Hair Serum

        A good hair serum prevents tangles, adds shine, and leaves your hair feeling silky-smooth. Serums can also protect strands from thermal and environmental factors, which can lead to rough, damaged hair. It can be tricky to find the right serum that provides moisture without weighing down your strands or adding a greasy feel. Fortunately, we have the perfect solution. Our Biphasic Infusion Hair Serum is rich in antioxidants and a Signature Tea Complex that promotes health, shine, and nourishment.

         This useful tips can get you in acheiving the silky soft hair.

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