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        Haircare Blog — Back to school

        Fall Ready: Prepping Your Hair for Back-to-School Beauty

        A girl with very pretty hair doing homework for school

        It’s your time to shine, autumn lovers! As the leaves change and a new school year approaches, it's time to say goodbye to summer's carefree days and embrace the cozy vibes of fall. But that doesn't mean your hair has to go into hibernation mode! Join us on a journey of fall hair transformation and discover the secrets to keeping your locks luscious, vibrant, and ready to conquer the academic year.


        Transitioning Your Tresses for the Season

        Just like the seasons, your hair needs to transition too. The cooler, drier air of fall can leave your locks feeling a tad lackluster. But don’t worry, a little prep can go a long way. Begin by saying goodbye to any lingering summer damage with a trim – this not only keeps your hair healthy but also helps it adapt to the changing weather. And don't forget to show your scalp some love by exfoliating to remove any build-up and promote a healthy environment for your hair to thrive and new hair to grow!


        Boosting Hydration: Your Hair's Fall BFF

        As temperatures drop, so does the moisture in the air, leaving your hair thirsty for hydration. Make moisture your mantra this fall! Swap out your lightweight summer hair products for richer, nourishing formulas. Look for shampoos and conditioners that focus on hydration and repair to combat dryness and frizz. 


        What do we suggest? The Hydrating Ritual Collection Trio! With both the Replenishing Hair Cleanser and the Replenishing Cream Conditioner you can keep frizz at bay and restore hair’s natural moisture. Combine with our favorite weekly deep conditioning treatment, the Supreme Revitalizing Mask, and enjoy flawless looking locks that are packed with hydration, leaving each strand looking plump and silky smooth. 

        Going away for College this season or starting school? This set is the perfect trio for keeping your hair looking fall fresh. This hydrating ritual will breathe new health and new life into your locks. Infused with our Signature Tea Complex, these rich ingredients work to infuse vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants.

        Shop The Hydrating Ritual Collection Trio


        A Colorful Transition: Fall Hair Colors

        Just like you update your wardrobe for fall, your hair color can also get a seasonal makeover. Warm, autumnal hues like rich browns, deep reds, and caramel highlights can give your hair that cozy, on-trend update. Consult with a professional colorist to find the shade that complements your skin tone and style. Remember, a hair color change isn't just about appearance – it's an expression of your personality and a boost to your confidence! 


        Effortless Back-to-School Haircare Routine

        Fall brings its own set of responsibilities, and we get it – you're busy juggling classes, assignments, and extracurricular activities. That's where a streamlined haircare routine comes in. Opt for versatile hairstyles that keep your hair off your face while looking effortlessly chic. Messy buns, low ponytails, and sleek braids are your go-to options. And don't forget to invest in a cute hat – it's your secret weapon on those mornings when snoozing the alarm wins over hair styling - or it’s raining and you’ve got a long trek to class!


        Fall-Inspired Hair Accessories: A Stylish Twist

        Elevate your back-to-school look with fall-inspired hair accessories. Think berets, cozy knit headbands, and elegant hairpins that add a touch of flair to your hairstyles. These accessories not only keep you warm but also help you stand out with minimal effort.


        Unleashing Your Hair's Fall Brilliance

        As you embark on a new academic year, embrace the change in seasons by adjusting your haircare routine, nourishing your strands, and experimenting with fresh styles and colors. The key to fall hair success? It's a blend of care, creativity, and confidence. You’ve got this!