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        Haircare Blog — shampoo for date

        How To Make Your Hair Smell Good for a Next Date

        How To Make Your Hair Smell Good | Secrets to a Successful Date

        Great Smelling Hair Might Be The Secret to a Successful Date

        You can’t deny how important it is to smell good on a next date. On that point, you should know about the products to make your hair smell good. In case, if you are skeptical on how to make your hair smell good, all you need is to understand is the products that perfect suits for you. Picking out a scent is just as crucial as picking out a perfect outfit and making sure your makeup is on-point. That’s because the way we smell plays a key role in how attractive we are. According to sex therapist Takeesha Roland-Jenkins, “A number of people actually choose their partners by subconsciously being attracted to the scent of another person.” That being said, our aroma plays a pretty big role when it comes to date. Memory is highly associated with smell, making your scent good somewhat of a personal branding for yourself.

        How to Make Your Hair Smell Good? (Products to Make Your Hair Smell Good for Next Date)

         So what can we do to make ourselves smell good and amazing before a next date? The secret is in your hair! Great smelling hair care products are the best way to add a gentle aroma that’s not overpowering. Perfume applied directly to the skin can often be overwhelming, so sometimes the best way to wear fragrance is on your hair. With a few tips, tricks, and the right smell products (Smell good hairspray and shampoo), your hair will represent the best smelling version of yourself on your next date. Here are key tips on how to make your hair smell good/ products that make your hair smell good.

        Regular Washes

        Best Smelling Hair Spray

         If you want your hair to smell clean, the most important thing is to keep it clean. All you should know is about the products that make your hair smell good.  The most obvious stip of all is to wash your hair regularly. Masking dirty hair with strong fragrances is just putting a bandaid on the problem. Consider following products like a consistent shampoo regimen using a clarifying cleanser, such as Pai-Shau’s Opulent Volume Hair Cleanser (Volume Hair Shampoo)or Replenishing Hair Cleanser. These cleansers naturally remove build-up for fresh and clean hair everyday. Using this cleanser can make your hair smell good on next date.

        A Clean Brush Means Clean Hair

         We wash our makeup brushes regularly, but our hair brushes are often neglected and can go months without a good cleaning. It’s time for this to change. After all, not only does a good quality soft paddle hair brush detangle our strands, but it also evenly distributes your hair's natural oils from root to tip in the process. Over time, those oils, along with dirt, dust and other pollutants, can build up in your brush and cause a stinky stench. Be sure to regularly remove hair from your brush’s bristles and clean it with soap and water.

        Aphrodisiac-Inspired Products

         If you want your hair to smell good for your next date, it’s all about using the right hair care products that make your hair smell good. You may be struggling with finding good and best smelling hair products that moisturize, soften, cleanse and have a wonderful smell all at the same time. Fortunately you don’t have to sacrifice silky hair for incredibly good scented hair products. The signature scent in Pai-Shau hair products contains citrusy neroli and sweet vegan musk fragrances that are balanced by floral notes of jasmine and ylang ylang, turning every experience into a heavenly escape for all the senses. The smoothing serum Biphasic Infusion Hair Serum will leave your hair looking beautiful and smell great.

         Hair Perfume Is A Thing

         Yes, you heard it right - there are specific fragrances formulated especially for your hair. Normal perfume usually contains alcohol, which can dry out your hair. Hair perfume is specifically made for your mane and is free of drying ingredients. One of our favorites, Pai-Shau’s Nourish Set (Nourishing Hair Products), adds a pleasant, good smell and long-lasting scent to your strands. 

        That's it! Knowing about the products that make your hair smell good is quite important that you go out before for your next date. This article on how to make your hair smell good might have all points covered that you need.