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        Haircare Blog — Golden Blonde Hair

        How to Get Platinum Blonde Hair from Golden Blonde

        How to Get Platinum Blonde Hair from Golden Blonde

        The allure of platinum blonde has once again gone mainstream. The renewed interest in platinum blonde has natural and salon-dyed blondes alike curiously asking: How can I transition from golden blonde to platinum blonde? The short answer is that it’s a process. Whether you’re looking for home dyes for platinum blonde or planning to take your golden blonde to the next level with your hairdresser, there are a few things to keep in mind.


        Going Platinum Blonde From Golden Blonde: What to Consider


        1. Upkeep can get extensive. All dyed hair requires regular maintenance to keep up appearances. Your maintenance needs will depend on how quickly your hair grows, and how big the difference is between your natural color and platinum blonde. The bigger the difference, the more noticeable your grow-in will be. This can mean dyeing your hair as often as every two to three weeks in some cases. Aside from growth, you will also have daily maintenance to consider. This can include specialized color shampoos that brighten the color and keep the silvery tone.

        2. You may have to go through stages to get from golden blonde to platinum blonde. To achieve the true platinum hue, you may have to process more than once. For most treatments of golden blonde to platinum blonde, a single bleaching session with a toner will lighten the hair to the desired level. However, some golden blonde tones may be warmer or brassy, requiring additional chemical and light treatment to achieve the true platinum color. 

        3. Damage! There is one product that outperforms virtually all others when it comes to lightening hair from golden blonde to platinum blonde: bleach. Unfortunately, while it works very well to lighten color, it also significantly damages your hair in the process. 


        While these considerations are important, if you’re going from golden to platinum, there are some things you can do to limit the damage to your hair and ensure it stays healthy when dyed. To avoid discoloration or further damage, always be sure to use products that are labeled as color-safe. All of Pai-Shau products are color-safe and cruelty-free. They also feature our Signature Tea Complex, which nourishes hair with powerful antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. White tea in the complex also helps extend the life of your color, protecting your new platinum locks. During your upkeep, find products that are safe for daily use. Products like Pai-Shau’s Replenishing Hair Cleanser provides key nutrients, leaving hair silky soft and ready to be styled. It’s also safe for daily use, and won’t fade your color or leave brassy tones. 

        Conditioning and reparative treatments are also an excellent way to take care of your hair when it is dyed. Because dyeing dries out our hair with chemicals, it’s important to condition it and keep it moisturized. Our Biphasic Infusion does just that. This powerful formula has a potent amount of our Signature Tea Complex. It is an oil-free and color-safe rejuvenating concentrate that attracts moisture and locks it inside. 

        If you’re considering the platinum look, be sure to put it all on the scale first! The look is popular and gorgeous, but it also requires significant maintenance. The good news is Pai-Shau has you covered, with products that will protect your bright new color and keep your hair healthy and gorgeous along the way.