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        Haircare Blog — Hairstyles

        2024's Hair Makeover Guide: New Year, New Hairstyle Inspiration

        2024's Hair Makeover Guide

        Are you ready to kick off the New Year with a fresh look? As we step into a brand-new chapter, it's the perfect time to break out of your comfort zone and explore exciting hairstyle options that will redefine your style. Embrace the mantra of "New Year, New Hair, New You" and revitalize your look with these innovative ideas!

        1. Play with Layers and Textures: Start your style transformation by experimenting with layers and textures. Whether you have long locks or a shorter cut, adding layers can breathe new life into your hair. Try a textured bob with layers for a chic and modern vibe or opt for face-framing layers to accentuate your features.

        2. Dare to Go Bold with Color: Shake things up by trying a new hair color! Consider adding highlights, lowlights, or even a complete color change. Embrace the trend of vivid hues like pastel pinks, vibrant blues, or rich reds to make a bold statement. A change in color can completely transform your look and add a dose of confidence to your stride.

        3. Experiment with Different Hairstyling Tools: Step out of your hairstyling routine by exploring various tools and techniques. From curling wands to straightening irons, each tool offers unique possibilities. Use a curling wand to create beachy waves or a sleek straightener for a polished, sophisticated look. The versatility of styling tools opens the door to endless hairstyle options.

        4. Embrace Updos and Braids: Elevate your style with elegant updos or intricate braided hairstyles. From a classic French braid to a sophisticated chignon, updos and braids offer sophistication and charm. These styles are perfect for special occasions or even as a chic everyday look that exudes confidence and grace.

        5. Get Creative with Accessories: Elevate your hairstyle with the power of accessories! Experiment with headbands, scarves, barrettes, or statement hairpins to add flair and personality to your look. Accessories not only complement your hairstyle but also showcase your individual style and creativity.

        To achieve these stunning hairstyles with ease, consider incorporating the Royal Abundance Mousse and Opulent Volume Spray into your routine. Royal Abundance Mousse is your go-to solution for weightless volume and touchable hold. The inclusion of our Signature Tea Complex ensures nourishment, shine, and bounce for a fabulous finish.

        For those seeking bold volume and lift, the Opulent Volume Spray is a game-changer. Infused with a Volumizing Botanical Complex, including ginseng, white nettle, and gleditschia, along with the Signature Tea Complex, this spray enhances texture and delivers weightless volume from the roots, adding that extra oomph to your chosen style.

        This New Year, embrace change and revamp your look by exploring new hairstyles that reflect your personality and aspirations. Step out of your comfort zone and embark on a style journey that celebrates the essence of a "New You." Let your hair be the canvas for your newfound confidence and creativity.

        Remember, the key to embracing change lies in trying something new. So, seize the opportunity and let your hair do the talking as you embark on this exciting style adventure into the New Year!

        Recreate These 5 Iconic Movie Hairstyles for the Best in Halloween Glam

        Star Wars Hairstyle

        Halloween is the perfect time to let your creativity run wild and transform yourself into your favorite movie characters. And what better way to pay homage to the silver screen than by recreating iconic hairstyles from classic films? Whether you want to channel the elegance of Audrey Hepburn or the wild allure of Uma Thurman, these 5 movie-inspired Halloween hairstyles will help you steal the show.

        And DON’T FORGET: Keep your Halloween hair in place all night long with our Imperial Hold Hairspray. Its strong hold and added shine will give any look an added touch!

        Audrey Hepburn's "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Updo
        Audrey Hepburn's portrayal of Holly Golightly in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" is legendary, and her timeless updo is synonymous with elegance. To achieve this iconic look, start with a sleek, high ponytail. Then, wrap the length of the ponytail around the base to create a neat bun. Secure with bobby pins and accessorize with a black ribbon or hairpiece for that unmistakable Audrey touch. Don't forget to add a little black dress and oversized sunglasses to complete the transformation!

        Uma Thurman's "Pulp Fiction" Bob
        Mia Wallace from "Pulp Fiction" is unforgettable, and her sleek, blunt bob is an iconic hairstyle that screams "cool." To recreate this look, consider investing in a wig if your hair is too long. If you have shorter hair, you can use a straightening iron to create a sharp, smooth bob. Use a little hairspray to keep everything in place. Pair it with a white button-up shirt, black pants, and a fake syringe accessory for that edgy Mia look.

        Johnny Depp's "Edward Scissorhands" Wild Messy Do’
        Edward Scissorhands is a cult classic, and his wild, uneven hair is a defining feature of this character. To achieve this unconventional Halloween hairstyle, apply a texturizing product to your hair to give it a wild, untamed look. If your hair is short, consider using hair gel to create messy spikes. For added effect, attach silver spray painted plastic scissors to your fingertips using black gloves. Don't forget to wear all-black attire to complete the Edward Scissorhands transformation.

        Elizabeth Taylor's "Cleopatra" Regal Tresses
        Cleopatra, as portrayed by Elizabeth Taylor, is a symbol of beauty and power. To recreate her regal look, you'll need long, dark hair or a wig. Part your hair in the center and create small braids or twists on both sides, securing them with decorative pins or jewelry. Let the rest of your hair cascade down your back or shoulders. Make sure to line your eyes with bold, dramatic eyeliner and add a golden headpiece or crown for that extra touch of Egyptian royalty.

        Princess Leia's "Star Wars" Space Buns
        Princess Leia, portrayed by the late Carrie Fisher, is a beloved character from the "Star Wars" franchise, and her distinctive bun hairstyle is instantly recognizable. To recreate this galactic look, you'll need to start with clean hair. Part your hair in the center and divide it into two sections. Create two donut-shaped buns on each side of your head, securing them with bobby pins or hair ties. Princess Leia's buns are famously located on the sides of her head, near her ears. To enhance the authenticity, consider adding a white robe or a full Princess Leia costume along with a blaster prop, making you the ultimate rebel leader at your Halloween event.

        With these five iconic movie-inspired Halloween hairstyles, you can transform into legendary characters from the silver screen and make a memorable entrance at any costume party!


        Step-by-Step Guide: Creating Fashionable Prom Hairstyles for a Night to Remember

        Girls with pretty Prom Hair styles blowing kisses at the camera

        Prom night is a magical occasion where every detail counts, especially when it comes to your hair. Finding the perfect prom hairstyle can be a daunting task, but fear not! We've curated a list of trending hairstyles and how to achieve them using some of our favorite Pai-Shau styling products that will have you feeling like the star of the night. 


        Loose Waves

        Effortlessly Chic with RoyalTEA by Pai-Shau

        Nothing says “Spring Dreamy” like loose waves with effortless body and bounce. To achieve this chic look, we recommend using the incredible RoyalTEA by Pai-Shau. This lightweight spray extends blowouts and revitalizes hair between washes while adding volume and shine. 

        Step 1: Start with clean, dry hair - or at the most, day 2 hair.

        Step 2: Part your hair down the middle or create a deep side part for added drama.

        Step 3: Shake the RoyalTEA spray well and spray evenly at the roots or slightly down mids for more volume. 

        Step 4: Using a curling wand or curling iron, take small sections of your hair and wrap them around the barrel, holding for a few seconds before releasing. Continue curling all sections of your hair, alternating the direction of the curls for a natural look - or keeping with the same direction for a more elevated look.

        Step 5: Once all the curls are in place, gently run your fingers through them to loosen and separate them for those beautiful, loose waves.

        Step 6: Finish with a medium-hold hairspray to ensure your waves stay intact throughout the night. We recommend Sublime Hold Hairspray for optimum results! 


        Sleek Ponytail

        Supreme Control with Style Soufflé

        A sleek ponytail exudes sophistication and style. To achieve this polished look, we recommend using Style Soufflé, a product designed to provide nourishing and reparative extracts to the hair, along with supreme control and manageability. 

        Step 1: Start with 10% damp or dry hair.

        Step 2: Apply a small amount of Style Soufflé to your palms and distribute it evenly through your hair, focusing on the roots to tame frizz and add style memory.

        Step 3: Comb your hair back and gather it into a high or low ponytail, depending on your preference.Secure the ponytail with a hair tie, making sure it is tight enough to hold but not too tight to cause discomfort.

        Step 4: Take a small section of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie, securing it with a bobby pin for a polished finish.

        Step 5: Use a flat iron to straighten any flyaways or baby hairs around your hairline. For an extra touch of sophistication, you can also add a ribbon or jeweled accessory around the base of the ponytail.

        Step 6: Want to amp up the shine? Complete the look with a pump or two of Biphasic Infusion applied to mids & ends of your pony.  

        Romantic Braided Chignon

        Immaculate Hold and Shine with Imperial Hold Hairspray

        When it comes to prom night, a romantic updo can elevate your look to a whole new level of elegance and charm. With its impeccable hold and shine, Imperial Hold Hairspray ensures your structured look stays flawless throughout the night. Get ready to turn heads and captivate the room with this ethereal hairstyle.

        Step 1: Start by parting your hair to the desired side or in the middle, depending on your preference. Take a small section of hair near the part and create a three-strand braid. Secure it with a clear elastic band. This will be your accent braid.

        Step 2: On the opposite side of the part, take a larger section of hair and begin a Dutch braid. Cross the outer strands under the center strand instead of over. Continue braiding down the side of your head, incorporating new sections of hair as you go. Secure the braid with an elastic band at the nape of your neck.

        Step 3: Repeat Step 2 on the other side of your head, creating another Dutch braid. Secure it with an elastic band at the nape of your neck.Gather all the remaining hair, including the accent braid, into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Secure it with a hair tie.

        Step 4: Twist the ponytail around itself, creating a chignon or low bun. Tuck the ends of the hair underneath the bun and secure it with bobby pins, ensuring it feels secure and neat.

        Step 5: Take the accent braid and wrap it around the base of the chignon, concealing the elastic band. Secure it with bobby pins to hold it in place. Gently tug and loosen a few strands around your face and the nape of your neck for a softer and romantic look.

        Step 6: Finish the look and hold it in place with Imperial Hold Hairspray so you can dance the night away! 

        Prom night is your time to shine, and with these low maintenance, chic hairstyles, you'll be sure to make a memorable entrance. Whether you opt for loose waves, a sleek ponytail, or a romantic updo, remember to choose a style that makes you feel confident and comfortable. And remember: HAVE FUN!

        6 Best Fall Hair Trends for Women

        Image of Healthy hair. Long hair being brushed.

        Even though it's still rather warm, it is time we bid summer adieu. So as summer winds down and fall comes knocking at your door, it's time to visit the salon to get those ends that have been damaged by the chlorine, sun, and saltwater trimmed off. And that's probably when you think of getting a trendy new hairstyle.

        The hair and makeup ideas we need for the upcoming months can be found on seasonal mood boards, which feature images from various fashion events. Should you go for a mohawk? Have you decided to go red at last? The potential outcomes are countless. Here are a few of the best fall hair trends to help you find some inspiration.

        Extra Long Fringe

        The trendiest way to wear fringe this season is to have it fall just above your eyes. The long bang with a shaggy cut is adaptable and looks gorgeous as it grows out. Maintenance is easy, too, as all you usually need is a good quality leave-in cream and you're good to go.

        Draped Layers

        Draped layers, which frame the face, is a style with roots in the late 1990s and early 2000s that is making a solid comeback (think of it as a modernized “Rachel” from “Friends” cut). The layers are cut around the face at varying lengths, which accentuate facial features and give movement to the hair. The result is a striking appearance, with a cascading pattern.

        Get a lightweight styling lotion that provides hold and shine and protects your hair from heat damage. Apply it and use a round brush for styling, which should be stroked inwards to accentuate all the layers around your face.

        Asymmetrical Lob

        It's true that lob haircuts will always be in vogue, but there's no harm in trying something new every now and then, like the asymmetrical lob, which is a hot trend this year. Featuring lots of layers, the style is typified by having one side cut at an angle. Alternatively, both sides can be cut at varying lengths, thus giving a striking and contrasting look. It's the perfect finishing touch for our more subdued fall wardrobe.

        Sliced Bob

        The sliced bob is a short to medium-length haircut with a blunt end and is therefore both classic and fashionable, making it a favorite among A-listers. The beauty of the style is that the slicing technique causes hair to have less weight, without the addition of layers. This gives the hair a more sleek appearance. Be sure to use a high-quality leave-in-conditioner to give your hair that just-out-of-the-salon look by making it shine, while protecting it from pollutants and heat.

        Undone Bun

        In contrast to the sleek buns that have been trending as of late, the messy bun is an ever-present classic that can be worn everywhere. Hairstylists agree that the trend is coming back around, and they predict that the messy bun will be popular again (especially on women with shorter hair).

        Not only does an undone bun look beautiful with a high neckline or backless dress, but it's also an excellent choice for days when your hair just won't cooperate. Wearing your hair in a low, untidy bun at the nape of your neck is a chic, carefree way to show off your natural style. Get it now and just leave a few strands loose to make it look carefree!

        Baby Bangs

        The style of baby bangs is a bit unconventional and may not appeal to many. However, it's certainly trendy this fall. Even though the style was originally seen on high-fashion runways (its intrinsic edge literally oozes haute couture), it has now fully integrated into the sphere of A-listers.

        Stars like Zendaya, Emma Watson, and Sofia Boutella gracing red carpets while wearing these powerfully blunt bangs have confirmed that the style is back again.  If you currently have fringe and are in need of a change, this is a fantastic choice to consider.

        Top Three Tips for a Long-Lasting Blowout Hairstyle

        Pai-Shau Texture Dust

        Getting a blowout is one of the most luxurious things you can do with your hair. If you have been fortunate enough to have a skilled hairdresser massage, brush, and blow dry your hair, you know how amazing it feels when they’re done. However, getting a hair blowout is similar to getting a beautiful bouquet. The first few days are magical – your hair feels light, bouncy, fresh, and clean. But by day three or four, it can look and feel more like a limp, wilting flower.

        Fortunately, some simple blowout hairstyle hacks can help you make your hairdresser’s efforts last for up to a week. Follow the top three tips for a long-lasting blowout hairstyle below and make the most of your luxurious ‘do.

        1. Put Your Hair Up (Loosely) Before You go to Bed

        Everyone needs to sleep, but sleep can wreak havoc on your hair. It can get messy, tangled, and even a little oily if left wild and free. You can easily avoid such disturbances by putting your hair up before going to bed. However, be sure not to put it up tightly as that can create bends in the hair when you take it down.

        For the perfect bedtime hairstyle, use a tight bristle paddle brush to pull all your hair straight to the top of your head. Then, wrap it into a big, loose bun and hold it in place with two bobby pins. If you have very thick or long hair, you can make two buns side-by-side. Help keep everything in place while you sleep and ensure some extra waves in the morning by misting a light spritz of Sublime Hold Hairspray over your hair.

        2. Use Dry Shampoo

        For a long-lasting blowout hairstyle, dry shampoo is your best friend. By day two or three, your hair is sure to start looking a little oily. You don’t need to let it go limp or wash out the blowout when this inevitably happens. Instead, spray your roots with dry shampoo for a boost of freshness and volume.

        Make sure that you hold the dry shampoo 10-12 inches from your head when you spray it on, and let it sit for a few minutes so it can soak everything up before you massage it into your scalp. Also, keep in mind that a little goes a long way. Keep it confined to the roots, and don’t spray too much to avoid heavy buildup.

        3. Style with the Right Products

        The most important thing you can do to make a blowout last is to style your hair with the right products throughout the week following the blowout. Revitalize your hair between washes with lightweight RoyalTEA spray. This blow dry refresher and volumizer invigorates hair, absorbs impurities, and adds volume. Another excellent product to have on hand is Texture Dust. This amplifier spray can be used whenever you need to add some instant volume and texture to your hair in-between washes. It also works to nourish the hair and keep it looking fresh and healthy.

        The next time you have a blowout haircut on your agenda, follow the guide above and stock up on the best styling products to maintain it at Pai-Shau. All our products are infused with a Signature Tea Complex, which not only helps you style your hair but keeps it healthy and moisturized while providing long-lasting protection.