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        Haircare Blog — how to get rid of itchy scalp

        The Best Haircare Routine for Color-Treated Hair

        Supreme Revitalizing Mask

        One of the most exciting ways to refresh your look is to give yourself a new hair color. Whether you’re going bold, adding highlights, or covering up grays, dying your hair is one of the simplest and most effective treatments to help you achieve your desired outcome.

        A good dye job always looks fantastic at first, but if you want the color to last and your hair to remain healthy, you need to establish a good haircare routine for color-treated hair. In addition to keeping your hair protected from buildup and pollutants, color-treated hair is prone to dryness, making your strands brittle if not properly cared for.

        Have no fear if you’ve recently colored your hair but aren’t sure how to maintain it. We’re here to guide you through the best haircare routine for the job and to suggest the best products to help you maintain your newly colored locks, so read on.

        Washing and Conditioning Color-Treated Hair

        Washing and conditioning color-treated hair requires a consistent routine that includes color-safe hair products. The shampoo and conditioner you choose to use on your color-treated hair should be formulated to cleanse and nourish the hair while removing buildup without stripping the color from the strands.

        The best shampoo for color-treated hair is one like Pai-Shau’s Opulent Volume Hair Cleanser. Made with a botanical complex that features white nettle, ginseng, and Gleditsia combined with a Signature Tea Complex that removes buildup and supports healthy hair growth, this shampoo checks all the boxes.

        How to Remove Buildup from Color-Treated Hair

        Products like gel, mousse, hairspray, and naturally occurring sweat, oil, and dead skin cells can all cause buildup on the hair and scalp. Buildup can cause several issues, including flaking, itchiness, redness, and even oily or crusty skin. It can also make the hair appear lank and resistant to styling.

        After cleansing your scalp with the safest shampoo for color-treated hair, it’s good to add some extra nourishment every once in a while. Products like Pai-Shau’s Supreme Revitalizing Mask should be applied a couple of times per week after washing and conditioning the hair. This luxurious hair mask is formulated to infuse weightless moisture into the scalp and hair while nourishing damaged cuticles.

        How to Protect Color-Treated Hair

        To ensure the longest-lasting color and shine, it’s essential to use a hair protectant for color-treated hair. Something to BeLeave-In and Biphasic Infusion are two excellent products for protecting color-treated hair from pollutants and other environmental factors while nourishing and replenishing strands that may be weak from buildup.

        Something to BeLeave-In is much more than a leave-in conditioner. This “Miracle Multeatasker” protects hair from pollutants and heat while enhancing color and smoothing and detangling hair. Biphasic Infusion is a daily rejuvenating concentrate made with an advanced binary technology using the brand’s Signature Tea Complex. It’s also fortified with amino acids and antioxidants. Its sheer veil of shielding properties helps protect strands against both thermal and environmental factors.

        Keep your colored locks healthy and strong and ensure the color will shine for a long time by following the haircare routine outlined above. Whether you color your hair regularly or just like to make a bold change occasionally, the haircare products at Pai-Shau are formulated with a Signature Tea Complex and other effective natural ingredients to help you make the most of your color-treated hair.

        How to Get Rid of Itchy Scalp [Causes and Remedies]

        How to Get Rid of Itchy Scalp, Causes and Remedies

        How to Get Rid of Itchy Scalp [Causes and Remedies]
        Image representing the itchy scalp

        This article equips you on how to get rid of itchy scalp, causes and remedies.

        Itchy Scalp driving you crazy? An itchy scalp is one of the most common and unpleasant hair care struggles we face. A itchy dry scalp mainly comes from lack of moisture, which is why you’ll most likely experience it in the winter. People often mistake a itchy dry scalp for dandruff. THIS IS NOT TRUE. If you have dandruff, your flakes will be large and your scalp will be extremely oily. If you have a itchy dry scalp, your flakes will be small and dry in texture. Below we’ll be answering your most asked questions on why this happens and how to prevent, it so you can say GOODBYE to an itchy scalp. Here are ways on how to get rid of itchy scalp with an effective remedies, before that you must know what exactly causes itchy scalp?

        3 Common Causes of Itchy Scalp:

        • Dry Scalp: Your skin is the largest living organ of our body, and your scalp is a part of that skin. Natural oils on the scalp are what help condition the hair. When it gets dry, the skin becomes irritated and flakes off. If a dry scalp is untreated it will become extremely itchy. A dry scalp occurs when there is a lack of moisture present, and can also occur when there is a  change in weather, diet, or sensitivity to hair ingredients in your hair care. Dry scalp is one of the causes for itchy scalp 
        • Seborrheic Dermatitis (Dandruff): Dandruff may be another reason that you’re experiencing an itchy scalp. Dandruff comes from overproduction of oil leading to an irritated scalp. Essentially,  the oil coming from your scalp blocks dead skin cells from shedding at a normal pace. As a result, your scalp produces large, oily flakes along the hairline. Pai-Shau’s Signature Tea Complex, which is infused into every product, contains green tea  to stimulate circulation by clearing debri from the follicle.. Using Replenishing Hair Cleanser or Opulent Volume Cleanser will help exfoliate the scalp, reduce the itchiness, and promote healthy hair growth. If you feel the dandruff is extremely severe, it is important you make an appointment with a dermatologist to get proper treatment options. Dandruff causes itchy scalp.
        • Product Build Up: Layering product after product - especially those with harsh ingredients - onto your scalp will eventually lead to build up. This will make it impossible for your scalp to produce oils, interrupting your shedding process. The longer product build up is on your scalp, the more likely it will be causing your itching. Product build up causes an itchy scalp

        These are 3 main causes for itchy scalp to know and understand on when you a question of how to get rid of itchy scalp.

        How To Get Rid of Itchy Scalp:

        • Avoid harsh ingredients in your products, such as alcohol and sulfates. Be sure to use the right hair products that include hydrating and replenishing properties
        • Overloading on dry shampoo will add build-up to your scalp, clogging pores. This will block natural oils that your scalp needs.
        • Excessive washing will dry out your hair. This will prevent the production of natural oils in your hair and could lead to flaking. Try to wash your hair only once or twice a week to ensure you’re not overdrying. 
        • Lack of brushing your hair throughout the day. We know that people with textured hair do not brush constantly, since it can lead to frizziness. However, if you’re experiencing a dry, itchy scalp, it’s time to start brushing at least three times a day to distribute oils and help the blood circulation of your scalp. The scalp needs natural oils, and this practice helps.
        • Lack of water! Hydrate, hydrate, HYDRATE! Lack of hydration will show through your scalp, just like it does with your face and body.

        This are key tips when you look into how to get rid of itchy scalp.

        Read this: How to Detox your Hair Scalp Regularly

        Itchy Scalp Remedies 

        Follow this five itchy scalp remedies to get a relief from extreme itchy scalp.

        • Cleanse hair daily. Shampooing hair with a hydrating cleanser helps to combat itchy scalp. Pai-Shau Replenishing Hair Cleanser has a tea-infused formula that nourishes and adds moisture back to the hair and scalp. TIP: Mix in Baking Powder with your Replenishing Hair Cleanser for a DIY Scalp Scrub. Use as much, or as little as you prefer.  Shampooing is one of the best remedies for dry scalp.
        • Use Scalp Brush. Exfoliate your scalp with a shampoo brush, like the one found here. You should always massage the scalp when cleansing, because this will get rid of flakes and will scrub away dead skin cells. This brush will give a thorough deep cleansing by removing dirt and product build up. Using scalp brush is the best remedies for itchy scalp.
        • Apply a hair mask weekly. After you exfoliate, it’s essential to add moisture back into your hair. We recommend using Pai-Shau Supreme Revitalizing Mask (moisturizing mask for hair). Leave this mask on for 5-10 minutes for a deep condition. This mask contains a rare blend of high-performance cationic polymers, which results in weightless moisture. Applying hair mask is the one of the effective remedies for dry scalp.
        • Brush your hair. By brushing your hair daily, it will distribute the perfect amount of natural oils from your scalp to your hair. This will prevent the pores in your scalp from clogging up and aids the shedding of skin cells. Brushing hair is one of the effective remedies for dry scalp.
        • Lock in the moisture. Lock in the moisture by applying daily hair moisturizer Pai-Shau Something To BeLeave-In. This MulTEAtasker Spray will ensure that your hair will stay moisturized and protected until your next wash day.  

        This are Itchy scalp remedies that you should follow when you have a question of how to get rid of itchy scalp.

        Dry Itchy scalp is the common causes that can be seen. To get rid of the itchy scalp follow the effective itchy scalp remedies.

        If you think you have eczema, psoriasis, or fungus, see a dermatologist.