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        Top 3 Reasons To Use Sulfate Free Hair Products

        Sulfate Free Haircare Products

        Sulfate Free Hair Products

        Sulfates are a common ingredient found in beauty products that create a lather to helps remove dirt, oil and debris from the skin and hair. While these ingredients do a great job of creating a pillowing lather, it definitely comes at a price - one that your lovely strands will end up paying. At Pai-Shau, our sulfate free hair products keep your hair clean and help retain natural body and moisture. 

        Here are three reasons why you should check out Pai-Shau’s full line of sulfate free products.

        Three reasons why you should use sulfate free hair products

        1. Hold onto Your Hair’s Natural Oils

        Pai-Shau's Hair Cleanser

        As effective as sulfates might be in removing dirt from hair, these harsh chemicals take it a step further by washing out all of your hair’s natural oils that are produced in the scalp. These oils are essential in keeping your strands strong and healthy.This is why you should start using sulfate free hair products to retain natural oil. Use this Replenishing Hair Cleanser , which is free from sulfates that aids in retaining hair’s natural moisture. 

        2. Say Hello to Long Lasting Color

        Long lasting hair colors

        Sulfates are an absolute worst enemy to color-treated hair. They cause damage to your strands by leaving your hair shaft open and vulnerable, which means your color will be washed out a lot quicker than if you were to use a sulfate-free shampoo. Consider a color-free cleanser such as Pai-Shau’s Opulent Volume Hair Cleanser which locks in moisture and adds impeccable volume.

        3. No Sulfates = Gorgeous Curls

        Pai-Shau's Hair Mousse

        If you have a curly head of hair, it’s time to drop sulfates for good. Curly strands are more prone to moisture loss than straight or wavy locks. Sulfates are known to dry out hair, which can leave your beautiful curls looking frizzy, undefined and tangled. Opt for a sulfate-free styling products, like Pai-Shau’s go-to for curly hair, our Royal Abundance Mousse. The lightweight formula gives frizzy hair a new lease of life!

        Start using the sulfate free hair products from today. Shop now!

        Pai-Shau’s Best Haircare Products to Use During the Winter

        Winter Hair Care

        Winter Haircare Products

        Our strands need a little extra TLC during the winter months. The frigid temperatures and harsh winds can leave your hair and scalp more susceptible to dehydration and damage. Pai-Shau’s nurturing tea-infused hair products are the perfect way to remedy this.

        Pai-shau's Winter Hair Care Products

        1. Supreme Revitalizing Mask

        Hydrating Hair Mask

        The frigid temperatures in the cold, winter months can open the hair shaft, making it difficult for moisture to stay in the cuticle. The result is frizzy, dry hair. Deep conditioning your strands at least once a week can make a huge difference. Our Supreme Revitalizing Mask is the best way to keep your hair hydrated and free from the damaging effects of cold weather. Enriched with a highly concentrated amount of our Signature Tea Complex, this nourishing conditioner will leave you looking fabulous throughout the season.

        2. Something to BeLeave-In

        Hydration Set

        Dryness and dullness in our hair is an extremely common occurrence during the cold winter months. While it's blistering cold outside, we often try to compensate by cranking up the heating systems inside our homes or workplaces. Unfortunately, this isn’t any better for your hair than the cold temperature. Artificial heating can leave your hair frizzy and staticy. Using Something To BeLeave-In on a consistent basis helps offer lasting hydration and immaculate shine. It can be purchased on its own, or in a number of gift sets, like the Ul-Tea-Mate Hydration Gift Set. It offers long lasting hydration and immaculate shine.

        3. Opulent Volume Spray


        Volume Hair Spray

        When the cold weather hits, you might actually find yourself missing the humidity of the hot summer months. Winter’s harsh temperatures and central indoor heating can suck the life out of our hair and skin. To add immaculate volume and shine, try out Pai-Shau’s Opulent Volume Spray. No need to head to the salon in these freezing temperatures, since you can achieve a gorgeous blowout from the comfort of your own home with Pai-Shau’s ultra volumizing products.

        4 Pai-Shau products to try for managing postpartum hair loss

        Postpartum Hair Loss

        Best Products for Postpartum Hair Loss

        If you’ve noticed an increased amount of hair loss after pregnancy, you’re not alone. Postpartum hair loss is an extremely common occurrence for women of all ages. At a sensitive time in your life, when you’re already dealing with so much as a new mom, losing your hair in clumps is certainly a bummer. 

        Hormones, specifically estrogen, is the main factor behind postpartum hair loss. During pregnancy, extra high levels of estrogen, coupled with increased blood flow and circulation, keeps your hair from shedding as it normally would. Once your baby arrives and hormone levels drop drastically, the hair makes up for lost time by falling out at a much more rapid rate. Hair that has been paused in their resting state during pregnancy suddenly starts to shed, which can result in visible hair loss and thinning.

        When does postpartum hair loss start

        Postpartum hair loss can occur up to a year after childbirth, with its peak being in the 4-month mark. So if you’re still losing clumps of hair as your baby grows up, no need to panic. Pai-Shau is here to help with our incredible line of products that help stimulate hair growth and keep your locks looking full and healthy. 
        Here are some of our favorites for women struggling with postpartum hair loss

        Best products for postpartum hair loss

        1.Opulent Volume Line

        If you’re experiencing postpartum hair loss, look to Pai-Shau’s Opulent Volume Hair Cleanser and Conditioner to bring bounce, body, and immaculate shine to fine and dull hair. Pai-Shau’s Opulent Volume products use a patented Microemulsion Technology and Volumizing Botanical Complex to promote thick, frizz-free locks.

        Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Postpartum Hair Loss

        2. Supreme Revitalizing Mask

        Full of antioxidant-rich green tea and anti-inflammatory rooibos, Pai-Shau’s Signature Tea Complex is super effective in promoting healthy hair growth. That’s why our Supreme Revitalizing Mask is perfect for moms with postpartum hair loss. It keeps the scalp healthy and nourished to encourage healthy hair growth. Bonus: it’s a 5-minute mask, which is perfect for a new mom who “doesn’t have time” for anything! 

        3. Royal Abundance Mousse

        Royal Abundance Mousse is every new mama’s best friend. It adds a subtle lift to the root of your strands, and makes all the difference when trying to cover up postpartum hair loss. This lightweight formula for the texturizing mousse also contains a high concentration of our Signature Tea Complex to promote hair growth.

        4. Soft Bristle Paddle Hair Brush

        The postpartum period can be incredibly difficult on new mommies. When you’re suddenly filled with the new responsibilities and challenges that come from having a baby, it’s crucial to be kind to yourself, and your hair. If you notice extra shedding during postpartum, avoid using harsh detangler and tugging at knots. Instead, work through tangles gently using our Soft Bristle Paddle Brush, which can be found in our RepHAIR Kit.
        Soft Bristle Paddle Hair Brush
        Hair Care Advice:  6 Tips for Faster Hair Growth

        4 Products To Try For Fine And Dull Hair

        4 Products To Try For Fine And Dull Hair

        4 Products To Try For Fine And Dull Hair

        Even if you’re not #blessed with naturally voluminous hair, the right products will help you achieve show-stopping blowouts. Full, shiny, and healthy hair is attainable with Pai-Shau’s volume hair care products. These four tips will help eliminate dullness and bring on the volume.

        1. Use the right shampoo and conditioner

        Replenishing Hair Cleanser

        Beautiful, voluminous hair starts with the right shampoo and conditioner. Try to avoid cleansers that include sulfates and parabens, which can dry out the cuticle and eventually lead to thinner-looking strands. Instead, choose products that promote hair growth and fullness with the help of tea-derived ingredients. Working in tandem with our Signature Tea Complex, the Opulent Volume Hair Cleanser Shampoo uses ginseng and white nettle to remove buildup at the roots for a fabulous blown-out look, while our Opulent Volume Hair Conditioner offers weightless volume thanks to our incredible silicone-free moisturizing formula. Our Opulent Volume Liter Duo is the perfect accessory for your shower.

        2. Moisturization is key

        Achieving a voluminous look can be difficult when you also struggle with dry, damaged strands. This can be the result of chemical treatments or heat damage, and thirsty strands make for dull hair. When working on increasing volume in your hair, start with a healthy foundation. Be sure to replenish dehydrated hair and heal damaged locks with an ultra moisturizing hair mask like Pai-Shau’s Supreme Revitalizing Mask. Attributable to a rare blend of high-performance cationic polymers, this dreamy treatment infuses your cuticle with intense hydration leaving your hair shiny, soft, and bouncy with weightless volume. You’ll see your hair *actually* drink this up!.

        3. Choose a lightweight hairspray

        You may be surprised to learn that the hairspray you rely on for volume might actually be making your flat hair problem even worse than before. Some hairsprays are heavy on our delicate strands, weighing them down with synthetic ingredients that make hair appear greasy and flat. No need to ditch hairspray for good, though. The right product will provide serious hold without tagging on extra weight. With the help of our Signature Tea Complex, Pai-Shau’s Imperial Hold Hairspray gives you a long lasting hold that protects against humidity and other environmental factors. Sublime Hold Hairspray offers more of a medium hold for that easy, breezy and lightweight feeling.

        4. Try a volume spray

        Don’t settle when it comes to hair volumizing spray. Look for styling products free from silicones which can actually reduce volume by weighing down the hair shaft. Instead, keep an eye out for sprays that lift your hair from its root for long lasting body, like Pai-Shau’s Opulent Volume Hair Spray. This lightweight, non-sticky formula adds dramatic lift to fine hair while incorporating our Signature Tea Complex to keep your locks looking soft, shiny and healthy. By applying a light mist to clean, towel-dried hair, you can achieve beautiful body. We’re also fans of our Texture Dust, which is a non-aerosol powder that lifts hair right at the root to amplify volume.


        Frizzy Hair? Pai-Shau has the solution for you

        Frizzy Hair

        What Causes Frizzy Hair

        What Causes Frizzy Hair

        When your hair is damaged or dry, the cuticle absorbs the moisture in the air, causing it to swell up and create frizz.

        The fix? Making sure your cuticle is healthy, strong, and hydrated. This starts with using Pai-Shau’s Signature Tea Complex products, which work to fortify hair from the inside out. Here, we share our top 4 products to help lay frizz to rest for good and welcome smooth, sleek strands.

         1. Pai-Shau Detangling Comb

        The type of brush you use to detangle your locks could actually be causing even more damage. Certain types of hair brushes are too rough on wet hair, which is already extremely prone to breakage. Instead, use a comb specifically designed for styling wet hair such as Pai-Shau’s Detangling Comb. Wide-toothed combs are perfect for hair that is prone to frizzy hair because they hold more space for the hair to pass through, which helps prevent unnecessary damage to your delicate locks.

         2. Biphasic Infusion

        Biphasic Infusion

        Hair serums work wonders for frizzy hair because they help realign hair fibers for a super smooth look. It can be difficult to find the right serum that reduces frizz without leaving hair looking greasy, with that sticky feel. That’s where our Biphasic Infusion steps in. This oil-free serum, also known as Pai-Shau’s liquid gold, is the key to healthy, nourished, and hydrated locks. With the help of an advanced binary technology, the Biphasic Infusion drives our Signature Tea Complex deep inside the cuticle to nourish the hair's structure and attract moisture, keeping frizziness at bay.

        3. Supreme Revitalizing Mask

        Revitalizing Mask

        Frizzy hair craves moisture, so it can stray away from the scalp in order to absorb humidity found in the air. Since frizzy hair is usually a result of dehydrated strands, it’s important to deal with the root of the issue (pun intended!) and provide your hair with the moisture it needs. Our Supreme Revitalizing Mask is a thick, rich mask that works hard to hydrate hair, starting at the scalp. This ultra creamy mask contains a concentrated amount of our Signature Tea Complex to help combat frizzy hair by creating a barrier that helps seal in nourishing hydration. You can also score the mask as part of our Ul-TEA-mate Hydration Gift Set, which contains everything you need for moisture-rich strands.

        4. Style Souffle

        If you have curly hair, chances are you’ve dealt with unruly flyaways. Curly hair is naturally drier than straight hair, making it more prone to frizz. Anti-frizz creams do an excellent job of keeping your curls frizz-free and defined. Consider Pai-Shau’s Style Souffle, which offers flawless control and manageability thanks to its nourishing ingredients. It works on both dry and damp hair to retain your hair’s natural moisture, ultimately offering long-lasting protection from frizz. You can find our Style Souffle as part of Pai-Shau’s High Tea Gift Set

         This products are perfect in fixing the frizzy hair.