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        10 Professional Tricks to Humidity-Proof Your Hair

        10 Professional Tricks to Humidity-Proof Your Hair

        When the temperatures soar, the sun’s UV rays rush to damage your hair’s outermost layer (or cuticle). This causes the cuticle to go rough, bulge, and draw in the humidity. The result? Frizzy, easy-to-break hair that is a nightmare to manage.

        In this blog, we’ve lined up result-oriented tricks – straight from the professionals – to help you leave your hair-health anxieties behind and bask in the warmth of summer!

        Use the Right Shampoo

        Hair frizz from humidity is the most evident red flag for damaged and unhealthy hair. Haircare starts in the shower and the type of shampoo you use can make or break the health of your hair. Pai-Shau offers a range of hair cleaners and conditioners to deeply moisturize your hair and protect them from the oftentimes unavoidable humidity.

        Pull Your Hair Up!

        Increasing humidity brings in extreme frizz. To avoid this, choosing a relaxed hairstyle or pulling your hair up entirely can be the best bet. A chic braided look, a stunning neck-bearing topknot, or even styling your wet hair in a bun or a braid can help you freshen up your style while beating the frizz.

        Make Shea Butter and Oils Your Friend

        Whipped shea butter and coconut oil are the perfect nemeses for hair frizz. They help keep the puffiness under control alongside reviving the health and shine of your hair.

        Don’t Deviate From Your Natural Texture

        When choosing a hairstyle for humid days, it’s critical to work with your natural texture. For instance, if your hair is naturally straight, you might want to avoid using a curling wand when high humidity levels strike.

        Use A Memory Cream to Shield Your Strands

        To avoid any frizz from humidity it’s important to keep the outer layers of the hair entirely flat. This is the exact purpose a memory cream serves.

        Use A Microfiber Towel

        Curly, coarse, or wavy – all hair types retain large quantities of water. Squeezing all the moisture out of your hair is another important step to keeping the frizz at bay. Squeeze your hair dry (don’t rough it up!) by using a microfiber towel for best results.

        Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

        Summer is when we wash our hair more frequently, which can sometimes do more harm than good. To avoid drying your hair out, make sure you don’t overwash it and use the right shampoo and conditioner to keep them moisturized.

        Light Hair Sprays and Hair Gels are Great for Curly Hair

        Using light hair sprays helps keep the frizz down, protecting your hair from humidity. In case you’re air-drying your curly hair, make sure you use a hair gel, made especially for humid weather, to dry your hair smoothly.

        Keratin Treatment Is the Ultimate Frizz-Fighter

        If you’re overwhelmed with following a lengthy haircare regimen, heading to the salon for a keratin treatment can be a game-changer for your hair. In addition, this treatment helps prolong styling and retains your hair gloss.


        With so many options, you are ready to take on summer, and all it has to offer! Just remember, a little vigilance and preparation will go a long way towards having your hair looking and feeling great all summer long.

        10 Summer Wedding Hairstyle Ideas for an Effortless Look

        10 Summer Wedding Hairstyle Ideas for an Effortless Look

        The glow of summer has arrived and a fresh chapter of your life is about to blossom. To help you look and feel your best for your magical summer wedding, we’ve compiled the best set of hairstyles for you!

        The Braided Bun that Sings of Romance

        Loose framing layers, an enchanting braid making its way across the crown, and a glittery hairpiece to complete the look – this dreamy braided bun comes with just the right amount of charm and sophistication.

        The Natural Textural Tied Up In A Ponytail

        A growing number of brides have welcomed “individuality” with open arms after the pandemic. This is where embracing your natural charm comes in. A sleek and simple ponytail that flaunts your natural curls would be the perfect blend of your personality and style for your big day.

        The Low Chignon

        Chignons are simply bewitching and they go beautifully with a veil. Get your hair stylist to wrap a near-perfect low chignon (almost like a pretty little present!), sprinkle any minimalistic accessories, and you’re ready to dazzle on your big day.

        Waves of Style

        Aside from looking ultra-stylish, short hair styles cut the “getting ready” time in half. For a ravishing (and flirty) bridal vibe, pick up that curling wand and start the curling rampage (1-inch or less).

        Floral Headpiece to Enhance Your Hairstyle

        A simple accessory like a floral headpiece transforms a basic bun into a summer-style statement. You might be wearing a bun when you’re about to walk the aisle but decide to let your hair loose during the reception – a floral headpiece will add distinct flavors to each hairstyle.

        The Effortless Half Up, Half-Down

        Going with the romantic yet casual half-up, half-down is all you need to summer-proof your hair.

        Have your stylist twist the front layers of your hair towards the back and let the rest of them cascade down your shoulders for a minimal, whimsical, and stunning look!

        The Adventurous High Bun

        Don’t let summer hold you back from enjoying your big day. Tie your hair in a high bun and let your creativity find a way to accessorize it (maybe a few sprigs of flowers around the bun to carry the spirit of summer?).

        The Old Hollywood Dazzle

        Bring in the old Hollywood vibe to your style with the classic Hollywood waves. Ask your stylist to infuse your hair with generous volume, and use a large-barrel curling iron to craft those impeccable curls. Finish the look by using a strong-hold spray. For best results, don’t brush out your curls until they’re all set.

        An Elegant Bun

        Buns are usually a bride’s best friend. They’re easy to manage, stay in one place, and look unbeatably gorgeous. If you want just a touch of additional dazzle, add an elegant headpiece at the bottom of the bun. This will bring in an enhanced shape and look for the bun!

        One Sweep Is All It Takes!

        Want to give your updo a stunning personality? Swoop those dreamy loose curls to one side! This minimal, yet sophisticated style will bring out your elegance without looking too stuffy or dry.

        Your big day should be perfection, and your hair’s visage is an integral component of that. With the right ideas and style choices, you can rest assured that everything will fall into place. Furthermore, you will also want your hair at its optimal state leading up to the wedding. After all, having healthy hair will take whatever style you choose over the top. Our tea-infused products, available here, are just what you need to tie everything together.

        Everything You Need to Know About Balayage Hair (+How to Get It)

        Everything You Need to Know About Balayage Hair (+How to Get It)

        You’ve probably come across hundreds of “balayage” hashtags on social media. Balayage is a French word that means to “paint” or “sweep”. Balayage is a form of hair art, created by applying hair color rather than a specific color itself, involving coloring the hair freehand with use of a brush. 

        This incredible technique unfolds hair color that brings about a lightened, naturally blended look. 

        The cost of balayage varies depending upon where you’re getting it done and the state of your hair. For this reason, it’s important to first consult your colorist before booking the appointment. During this appointment, your colorist will tell you how many touch-ups you might need. 

        The price of balayage can cost over $400 in NYC or cost as low as $150 in other parts of the country. While there are several types of balayage techniques, the two most common types include:

        • 3D Balayage: A not-so-good hair color typically ends up leaving the hair color looking drab or flat. This is where 3D makes a difference. It adds a “multi-tonal dimension” to your hair. Here, lights and shadows come together to give the illusion of voluminous and thick hair. 
        • Ribbon Blonde Balayage: This technique includes incorporating “ribbons” of blonde or lighter shades against a darker backdrop. It’s popular among fashionistas who love their natural hair color but just want to polish it up a little bit.

        Getting Balayage Done the Right Way

        Getting balayage is a big fashion decision. Here are a few quick steps to take before making the final decision:

        • Bring several variations of photos to help your stylist understand what you’re looking to achieve.
        • Clean your hair thoroughly to avoid any buildup of oil, product, or other impurities from interfering with the process.
        • Prep your hair using a conditioning treatment a few days before your appointment. 

        How to Care For Your Hair After Balayage

        Caring for your hair post-treatment is essential, as the color at the end of your hair strands can get dry if neglected. Using moisturization tools like the Supreme Revitalizing Mask can protect your hair from feeling dry. Of equal importance is using color safe shampoos and conditioners, so as to keep the treatment from fading. If you are looking for an iced-out blonde look, you can also use a purple shampoo once in a while to make sure the color doesn’t go too warm. In addition, you can go for hairline touch-ups and toning to retain the brightness and desired tone. 

        Can You Do Balayage For Yourself? 

        Balayage typically demands a certain level of skill and mastery, since it follows a multi-tonal approach. While there are several balayage techniques available on the internet, it’s always recommended to get it done by a professional. Not only will the results undoubtedly look better, but you will be saving yourself a lot of time and frustration in the process.

        Top Three Tips for a Long-Lasting Blowout Hairstyle

        Pai-Shau Texture Dust

        Getting a blowout is one of the most luxurious things you can do with your hair. If you have been fortunate enough to have a skilled hairdresser massage, brush, and blow dry your hair, you know how amazing it feels when they’re done. However, getting a hair blowout is similar to getting a beautiful bouquet. The first few days are magical – your hair feels light, bouncy, fresh, and clean. But by day three or four, it can look and feel more like a limp, wilting flower.

        Fortunately, some simple blowout hairstyle hacks can help you make your hairdresser’s efforts last for up to a week. Follow the top three tips for a long-lasting blowout hairstyle below and make the most of your luxurious ‘do.

        1. Put Your Hair Up (Loosely) Before You go to Bed

        Everyone needs to sleep, but sleep can wreak havoc on your hair. It can get messy, tangled, and even a little oily if left wild and free. You can easily avoid such disturbances by putting your hair up before going to bed. However, be sure not to put it up tightly as that can create bends in the hair when you take it down.

        For the perfect bedtime hairstyle, use a tight bristle paddle brush to pull all your hair straight to the top of your head. Then, wrap it into a big, loose bun and hold it in place with two bobby pins. If you have very thick or long hair, you can make two buns side-by-side. Help keep everything in place while you sleep and ensure some extra waves in the morning by misting a light spritz of Sublime Hold Hairspray over your hair.

        2. Use Dry Shampoo

        For a long-lasting blowout hairstyle, dry shampoo is your best friend. By day two or three, your hair is sure to start looking a little oily. You don’t need to let it go limp or wash out the blowout when this inevitably happens. Instead, spray your roots with dry shampoo for a boost of freshness and volume.

        Make sure that you hold the dry shampoo 10-12 inches from your head when you spray it on, and let it sit for a few minutes so it can soak everything up before you massage it into your scalp. Also, keep in mind that a little goes a long way. Keep it confined to the roots, and don’t spray too much to avoid heavy buildup.

        3. Style with the Right Products

        The most important thing you can do to make a blowout last is to style your hair with the right products throughout the week following the blowout. Revitalize your hair between washes with lightweight RoyalTEA spray. This blow dry refresher and volumizer invigorates hair, absorbs impurities, and adds volume. Another excellent product to have on hand is Texture Dust. This amplifier spray can be used whenever you need to add some instant volume and texture to your hair in-between washes. It also works to nourish the hair and keep it looking fresh and healthy.

        The next time you have a blowout haircut on your agenda, follow the guide above and stock up on the best styling products to maintain it at Pai-Shau. All our products are infused with a Signature Tea Complex, which not only helps you style your hair but keeps it healthy and moisturized while providing long-lasting protection.

        Keep Cool with These Summer Hairstyles for Long Hair

        Pai-Shau Hairspray

        With spring in full swing, summer is fast approaching. While everyone is looking forward to the warm sunshine and long beach days, fashion-forward devotees of long hair styles are left wondering how to beat the heat without sacrificing their style.

        One upside of having long locks is that there’s a lot of hair to play with. This guide is packed with trendy summer hairstyles for long hair that anyone can create to stay cool without chopping off any strands. We’ll also share some sensational products that will help you maintain these cute summer hairstyles with ease.

        Braided Bun

        Put your hair in a simple braid, but give it a modern, chic twist by coiling it up into a low bun. This hairstyle will get the hair off your neck on those scorching summer days while giving you a timeless look that matches every style.

        Before you style your hair, spray on some RoyalTEA Blow Dry Refresher and Volumizer. This lightly fragranced formula is made to invigorate and volumize hair while absorbing oil, dirt, and impurities.

        Loose Side Braid

        This laid-back bohemian-style look works for everything from a day at the beach to a summer wedding. Pull your hair to one side and braid it loosely to create a large, low braid that falls over your shoulder. This look is the epitome of casual summer style.

        Slicked-Back Bun

        Go for the slicked-back bun if you need a hairstyle that reeks of class and chic appeal. This wet look takes the hair and slicks it back into a low bun. It’s ideal for a summertime gala or an upscale cocktail party.

        Work some Style Soufflé Styling Memory Cream into and over your hair while styling. Slick it all back, wrap it all up, and hold the finished product in place with a spritz of Imperial Hold Hairspray.

        Tossed Up Curls

        This summer, it’s totally okay to forget the flatiron and embrace your naturally curly texture. Work some Royal Abundance Mousse into your locks to add some moisture-rich bounce and fantastic shine to your hair. Then, toss it up into a messy pineapple updo for a cool, stand-out look. Who knew it could be so effortless to manage a head full of curls in the summer?

        Topknot Messy Bun

        A classic messy bun pulled into a high topknot is a timeless look that never goes out of style. This look is perfect for before or after a workout, a day at the beach, or an afternoon running errands. Give this effortless look its signature touch by pulling a few wispy pieces out on the sides of the bun. Once you’re done styling, spritz on some Sublime Hold Hairspray to keep it all in place.

        Don’t let your long locks feel like a burden this summer season. Whether you’re looking for something low maintenance or super chic, there’s sure to be at least one ‘do that suits you on the list above. Gather the products you’ll need to maintain your easy summer hairstyles at Pai-Shau and prepare to beat the summer heat in style. Not only will these products help you style your hair, but they’ll also strengthen and protect it all season long.