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        Haircare Blog

        Dying Hair Roots: How to Dye Roots Like a Pro

        From the garden to your mirror, overgrown roots are usually not a great look.  They create an unkempt appearance and a gradient most of us would rather not see on ourselves. If your roots are showing more than you’d like and it’s time to dye them, a trip to the salon is almost always your best bet. But there are still times when we need a quick touch-up at home. If you find yourself in just such a scenario, we have a few specific steps that can help you pull it off like a pro in dying roots. Here are the step by step process on how to dye roots like an expert.

        Step by Step Procedure for Dying Hair Roots (How to Dye Roots)

        Step 1: Know your color and get professional opinions if you can. If your professional uses a specific color, you cannot pick up a box of dye from the drugstore shelf and expect it to be a perfect match. Many factors influence color, including your own hair tones. Consider talking to your colorist or another professional to help you guide your hair color decision. Consulting hair experts can help you understand the right for dying roots.

        Step 2: Know your hair. One big problem with at-home dye-jobs is that clients find themselves bleaching hair roots and inflicting a lot of unnecessary damage. If your hair is dry or coarse, for example, it’s important to find a moisturizing formula that won’t further dry it out when you treat your roots. Well if you know your hair, then you can dye hair roots in a better fashion.

        Step 3: Prepare the work station. When dyeing hair roots, you need space, towels and lots of things to protect your skin and work area. Applying petroleum jelly to your hairline, cheeks and ears can help keep the dye off your face. Gloves can protect your hands, and ear plugs are also an option for keeping dye out of your ears. A plastic cape is also a great resource if you have it. If not, use an old shirt you don’t mind staining. Getting all prep workstation is a fundamental step before dying roots.

        Step 4: Mix dye and prep your hair. Gather combs, clips, brushes and dyeing products. Mix your color and prepare to apply it. It should be smooth with no lumps. 

        Step 5: Apply! Starting at the nape of the neck, brush the color only on the spots that have grown in, being very careful not to overlap on the other sections. It is important not to overlap on the other parts of your hair, as this will create “bands” of varied color — a telltale sign of a DIY root touchup (and a common reason for corrective salon appointments!). Once you’ve applied it all, set your timer and wait. Follow precautionary tips before you dye hair roots.

        Step 6: Rinse, rinse, rinse some more. After you’ve successfully dyed your roots, now it’s time to remove the excess hair dye. While keeping your gloves on, wash your hair until the water runs clear. This may take more than one wash. This is a key step while you dye hair roots.

        Step 7: Condition. Once you’re fully rinsed, condition your hair with a color-safe mask or conditioner like Pai-Shau’s Replenishing Cream Conditioner. To avoid any potential chemical reactions, do not add more products to your hair after you condition. Depending on the color you dye your roots, you may want to use a similarly colored towel and pillowcase to avoid any rubbing off on your sheets and linens. This are key steps to follow when you have a question on how to dye roots.

        Dyeing your roots is a big deal, and you should approach it as such. But, with the right care and a few key steps of preparation, you can do your own touch-up like a pro when you need to. 

        5 Healthy Scalp Tips for Long Shiny Hair

        Everyone has a different kind of hair. Some of us are curly. Some of us are pin straight. Some are bright blonde, dark brown, dyed pink and all natural. But no matter what our hair looks and feels like, it all starts at the same place: our scalps. The scalp is literally where our hair begins. According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, our scalps have about 100,000 follicles. Each one has a single strand of hair that grows from it. That is 100,000 opportunities every day to improve ourselves from the head down!  If you are looking on how to achieve healthy scalp + long shiny hair then you should read this helpful healthy scalp tips.

        Our scalp produces natural oil called sebum that serves as a skin protectant, keeping it moisturized and free from debris and bacteria that could cause infection. Because a healthy scalp also means healthy hair growth, our scalps can be the key to growing healthy beautiful long shiny hair. So, how do you take care of your scalp? 

        How to Achieve Healthy Scalp (Tips for Long Shiny Hair)

        Here are five healthy scalp tips to take better care of your scalp to promote long shiny hair. 

        1. Use high-quality, gentle products. Even minor scalp problems can lead to damaged, broken hair that is dull and lifeless. Products with sulfates, alcohol, and harsh chemicals strip away your natural oils. This is a compounding problem for your scalp. An irritated scalp limits growth and dulls its shine, creating a cycle of damage and unhealthy results. Instead, use high-quality products that infuse your hair and scalp with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Pai-Shau’s Signature Tea Complex, found in all our products, accomplishes this and more, promoting beautiful shine and healthy hair treatments that start at the follicle. To get shiny scalp or long shiny hair, you should select right hair products.

        2. If your scalp is itchy, it needs your help. Treat it. When the oils break down on our scalp, the skin becomes inflamed and irritated. This can cause dryness and itching. But worse, when the oil is stripped away, so is your skin’s protection. This means itchy skin could also signify the potential for infection. Treat your scalp with hydrating products that soothe the skin and can help restore the natural balance and create an environment for healthy growth. If you have a question on how to achieve healthy scalp, then the first step is going to resolve itchy scalp.

        3. Follow directions and massage the shampoo into your scalp. Most shampoos instruct you to massage the product into your scalp. Note: Massaging is not scrubbing it aggressively. When you scrub your scalp too hard, you can irritate it. Instead, massage your high-performance products gently into the scalp. This promotes circulation and healthy growth. Follow this key directions to achieve long shiny hair (shiny scalp).

        4. Incorporate more antioxidants. Oxidative stress damages the hair, skin and body—including your scalp—with free radicals. By increasing your antioxidants, both through diet and with products like those from Pai-Shau, you extend their benefits, fortifying your scalp and your hair with the nutrients they need to live their best lives.

        5. Look for Rooibos Tea. This powerful tea, also found in our Signature Tea Complex, contains protein to help strengthen hair. It also features anti-inflammatory properties to soothe the scalp of any irritation. When the scalp is healthy, like a well-tilled garden soil, it provides a fertile place for healthy growth, delivering beautiful long shiny hair. 

        Ultimately, this healthy scalp tips if followed can help deliver healthier looking, long shiny hair that’s full of life. Ensure your shiny scalp stays at its best by using high-quality products and key ingredients that support growth and wellness from the top down. This article resolves your queries on how to achieve healthy scalp along getting long shiny hair in a right ways.

        How to Get Platinum Blonde Hair from Golden Blonde

        How to Get Platinum Blonde Hair from Golden Blonde

        The allure of platinum blonde has once again gone mainstream. The renewed interest in platinum blonde has natural and salon-dyed blondes alike curiously asking: How can I transition from golden blonde to platinum blonde? The short answer is that it’s a process. Whether you’re looking for home dyes for platinum blonde or planning to take your golden blonde to the next level with your hairdresser, there are a few things to keep in mind.


        Going Platinum Blonde From Golden Blonde: What to Consider


        1. Upkeep can get extensive. All dyed hair requires regular maintenance to keep up appearances. Your maintenance needs will depend on how quickly your hair grows, and how big the difference is between your natural color and platinum blonde. The bigger the difference, the more noticeable your grow-in will be. This can mean dyeing your hair as often as every two to three weeks in some cases. Aside from growth, you will also have daily maintenance to consider. This can include specialized color shampoos that brighten the color and keep the silvery tone.

        2. You may have to go through stages to get from golden blonde to platinum blonde. To achieve the true platinum hue, you may have to process more than once. For most treatments of golden blonde to platinum blonde, a single bleaching session with a toner will lighten the hair to the desired level. However, some golden blonde tones may be warmer or brassy, requiring additional chemical and light treatment to achieve the true platinum color. 

        3. Damage! There is one product that outperforms virtually all others when it comes to lightening hair from golden blonde to platinum blonde: bleach. Unfortunately, while it works very well to lighten color, it also significantly damages your hair in the process. 


        While these considerations are important, if you’re going from golden to platinum, there are some things you can do to limit the damage to your hair and ensure it stays healthy when dyed. To avoid discoloration or further damage, always be sure to use products that are labeled as color-safe. All of Pai-Shau products are color-safe and cruelty-free. They also feature our Signature Tea Complex, which nourishes hair with powerful antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. White tea in the complex also helps extend the life of your color, protecting your new platinum locks. During your upkeep, find products that are safe for daily use. Products like Pai-Shau’s Replenishing Hair Cleanser provides key nutrients, leaving hair silky soft and ready to be styled. It’s also safe for daily use, and won’t fade your color or leave brassy tones. 

        Conditioning and reparative treatments are also an excellent way to take care of your hair when it is dyed. Because dyeing dries out our hair with chemicals, it’s important to condition it and keep it moisturized. Our Biphasic Infusion does just that. This powerful formula has a potent amount of our Signature Tea Complex. It is an oil-free and color-safe rejuvenating concentrate that attracts moisture and locks it inside. 

        If you’re considering the platinum look, be sure to put it all on the scale first! The look is popular and gorgeous, but it also requires significant maintenance. The good news is Pai-Shau has you covered, with products that will protect your bright new color and keep your hair healthy and gorgeous along the way.

        How to Get Beautiful Hair: 5 Steps to Follow for Long Beautiful Hair

        How to Get Beautiful Hair: 5 Steps to Follow for Long Beautiful Hair

        Beautiful long hair starts with a regular beauty routine. Long hair is healthy hair, and healthy hair requires thoughtful care and maintenance. Today we’ll look at 5 steps to creating long, beautiful hair that’s as healthy as it is gorgeous. 

        5 Tips for Natural Hair Growth and Beautiful Long Hair

        1. Use the right hair care products. Different types of hair require different types of treatments and cleansers. To keep your hair at its healthiest, use products designed for your specific hair type and needs. For example, those with fine hair should seek volumizing products like Pai-Shau’s Volume Ritual, which includes Opulent Volume Cleanser, Opulent Volume Conditioner, and Opulent Volume Spray. Beyond volumizing and other type-specific products, Pai-Shau’s products also feature our Signature Tea Blend, which contains powerful teas with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that nourish hair and help repair damage—a key step to promoting growth and long hair. 

        2. Commit to regular trimming. You may have heard trimming your hair will promote hair growth. That’s not exactly what’s happening, but cutting your hair regularly can promote healthy looking, longer-looking hair. Trimming your hair won’t actually affect the hair follicle—and therefore, also doesn’t affect growth from the scalp—however, trimming split ends does reduce hair breakage, which can make hair look thin and unhealthy and less vibrant. A small trim every 8 to 12 weeks will promote healthier ends and more beautiful hair. 

        3. Pay attention to your diet. Our genes determine our hair texture and whether it is curly or straight, but our diets are also a big factor in how our genes express those qualities in our hair. So-called “good” fats like omega-3s, high quality oils, avocados and nuts have key nutrients that can all contribute to healthy hair and steady growth. 

        4. Pump up the volume. While you’re still growing your hair, adding volume to your roots will create a look that is thicker and appears healthier. Look for something lightweight that will lift your roots without weighing it down or leaving a greasy residue. Pai-Shau’s Opulent Volume Spray gives you a beautiful volumized head of hair with none of the residue. 

        5. Limit damage. When hair is damaged, it looks dull, frayed and lifeless—wholly unhealthy. Unfortunately heat and pollutants accelerate this type of damage, which is why it’s best to limit exposure to heating products as much as possible. Good news is that hair grows from the scalp, and if you limit damage and treat it, your hair will continue to grow long and healthy. Our hydrating leave-in conditioner Something To Beleave-In serves as a heat and pollutant protectant while also smoothing and creating beautiful shine. 

        Long beautiful hair and healthy hair growth starts with a solid beauty routine and a thoughtful approach to care. For more products designed to promote healthy hair and scalp, visit the Pai-Shau Shop


        4 Ways To Fight Hair Loss

        Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

        4 Ways to Fight Hair Loss

        If you suffer from hair loss, you’re not alone. In fact, it is estimated that 1 in 4 women have experienced hair loss at some point. Finding solutions outside of medications or intense hair growth treatments can take time and dedication. Pai-Shau's formula uses a unique Signature Tea Complex, antioxidants, and vitamins. Find out how tea for hair can be the solution to all your hair loss problems. 

        1. Stimulate Your Scalp

        We’ve all heard the old tale that says brushing your hair 100 times a day will lead to long, beautiful locks. There’s actually some truth to this: brushing your hair encourages hair growth because the bristles gently stimulate the scalp, which increases blood flow. More blood to the scalp means more oxygen to the hair follicles, which improves their ability to grow strong, healthy hair. Consider trying Pai-Shau’s signature Gold Paddle Brush, which has extra-soft bristles for even the most delicate of strands. It can be purchased separately.

        2. Try to Reduce the Use of Hot Tools

        Reduce the Use of Hot Tools

        The overuse of hot tools like curling irons, flat irons, and blow dryers can lead to serious damage to your strands. When too much direct heat is applied to your hair, it dries out the hair shaft, causing breakage and hair loss. To help combat these issues, try limiting the use of heating tools. When you have to heat-style, use a protectant such as Pai-Shau Something To BeLeave-In alongside Biphasic Infusion. If you’re free to air dry, Royal Abundance Mousse gives incredible curls with volume, and our Style Souffle creates a soft and smooth “air-dried” look. 

        3. Keep Calm

        Stress on Hair Loss

        It’s no secret that mental stress can have a serious impact on your body. During periods of anxiety and high-stress, our hair may begin to fall out more than usual. That’s because this stress causes an increase in cortisol, which can eventually lead to hair loss. If you think that you are experiencing hair loss due to stress, it’s time to take steps to calm yourself. Adding meditation, yoga and exercise to your life can be great ways to reduce tension. Make self care a priority by reserving time in your busy life to relax, have some alone time, or hang out with friends. Sometimes, a fun outing is all you need to unwind after a busy week - just don’t forget your favorite tote

        4. Stay Strong

        Sometimes, hair loss can be a result of medical conditions. One such condition is called  trichorrhexis nodosa.which causes damaged, weak points in the hair shaft to break off easily. The stronger your strands, the less likely they are to fall out due to this condition. Fortunately, the treatment for this condition happens to be simple: nourish and strengthen your strands!